Giulia's Story

Discovering her personal identity

Giulia is 3 and a half years old, her mum Barbara is Spanish, Italian and Galician, and Giulia’s dad is Irish of Italian ascent. She speaks Spanish, Italian and Galician with her mum and English with her dad.

Giulia's story

Giulia has been enjoying the artistic experiences with her mum in the Language Explorers workshops and also the storytelling and sharing her stories in the puppet theatre in front of the group. We have witnessed her confidence grow and her vocabulary increase in all the languages she speaks. 

“I’ve been observing Giulia for the last few weeks after the workshops and I can honestly say there has been an explosion in her language development!” says Barbara.

Since attending the workshops, we hear that Giulia has started chatting to her dad in Spanish (he understands some Spanish) and showing a willingness to explain and translate things for him when he doesn’t.

“I believe Giulia is more aware of the fact that people around her speak different languages. She is starting to show awareness of the language she has to pick to talk to different people and to take a big interest and curiosity for other languages and cultures, which was not this strong 6 weeks ago!”


“During our time attending the workshops, I noticed a big change in Giulia’s relationship with and use of Spanish, impacting also on her interest in Italian and Galician. I think in general she might be discovering her personal identity and it is wonderful to watch” shares, Barbara, proudly.

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