Cultural Diversity Programme Event. Photography Gabriel Borges Magalhães

Cultural Diversity Programme

The Arts Office of South Dublin County Council has identified Cultural Diversity as a pivotal focus for strategic development within its arts services. Past initiatives included artistic residencies, exploration of culturally diverse artists’ creative practices, provision of cultural diversity awareness training for artists, music education tutors, and arts organisations. 

Currently, the Arts Office of South Dublin County Council actively supports Mother Tongues as a strategic organisation operating within an intercultural framework in the County. The main objective of this collective effort is to foster diversity and inclusion within the artistic landscape of South Dublin County.

Programme Priorities

To enhance the capabilities of local artists and art workers, considering the scarcity of training and opportunities highlighted by the artists themselves. Significant attention is directed towards the Intercultural Network of Artists.

To create connections between local artists, art workers and the Cultural Diversity Steering Group. This is seen as a potential avenue for promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity within the cultural organisations in South Dublin County.

Photographs taken by Gabriel Borges Magalhães during the Residency exhibition in June 2023, Rua Red, Tallaght.


The sessions have a safe and respectful space where open and honest conversations have led to personal insights and generous sharing from every participant. I could allow myself to be vulnerable because there was no judgement but instead a willingness to share, understand and learn from each other's points of view and stories. I am gaining key points of reflection that are helping me to read the reality I live in a more conscious way. I am becoming aware of some dynamics that I was experiencing without realising it. The generous contribution of the speakers has been really meaningful. Their personal and professional journey has helped me to understand more of mine, I felt validated and empowered by it.
Paola Invernizzi
Resident Artist
I am really enjoying this experience. It has brought to light the deeper aspects of my practice and has reshaped my foundation by prompting me to ask thought-provoking questions. This program has not only allowed me to reflect on my current practice but has also sparked a desire to explore new paths in the future. These past few sessions have only reinforced my belief in community-building through the arts. My art can be used as a tool to promote a sense of worth and belonging. It has been an enlightening experience, opening up new and exciting ways for me to approach my art and my identity as an artist
Debora Adachi
Resident Artist
The residency has been something illuminating for me. Being in contact with artists and being able to share experiences has helped me not to feel alone as an artist and to be reminded that some of the difficulties I go through, other artists have already passed or are passing through - I have learned a lot. I feel that the moment of check-in with Tatiana is very important for the residency programme because it is a moment more focused on explanations and where we can get some clarifications on our processes. It is also a moment where Tatiana raises some questions that challenge us and bring perspective. The residency has been a gift for me, I am already grateful for all the connections we are making and for Tatiana's work with us.
Debora Melo
Resident Artist
The conversation I had with the Residents was very enlightening for me and very engaging. They were open and asked some very deep questions that I HAD to think about even after the session. I know they needed support figuring out some things and finding out more information but they were clear in what they were hoping to achieve at the end of the Residency. I learnt a lot from them as well and in the engagement, they also got to teach me as well as learn from each other. It was a great honour being a speaker/mentor to the Artists and I hope what I shared with them helps them create more and share their talent as well as inspire others through their journey
Neltah Chadamoyo
I joined the Intercultural Network in February 2023 and connected with Tallaght Community Arts in June 2023. After four meetings with Tatiana, I received support to work on my CV and how to present my work. In March, I received an offer to present my work during an event for the Five Lamps Festival and just recently I got invited by another member of the network to participate in an upcoming Black History Month Festival. I have also connected with Tony Fegan and I am currently in discussions with Tatiana's mediation regarding a project in South Dublin County. I am grateful for the invitation to join the Intercultural Network and the opportunities that came with it.
Sabrina Borges
Artist in the Intercultural Network

If you are interested in joining our Intercultural Network, you can contact Tatiana Santos at If you are already part of the Network and want to be featured on our platform, click on the button to fill in the form.

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