From parenting tips to inspiring practice in education, there is something for everyone who wants to get immersed into the world of bilingualism and multilingualism!

Learning at home in your mother tongue

How can I encourage my child to speak my mother tongue?

In this video Dr La Morgia explains one technique to encourage children to speak the minority language by using interactive storytelling with a picture book. For more tips, advice and information visit

What's your name?

Our portraits project “What’s your name?”, commissioned as part of the Mother Tongues Festival, has now transformed and will be presented as a documentary showcasing the stories told by children about their own names. We created this film for Cruinniú na nOg to raise awareness of the importance of learning to say all names properly because it matters!

Mind Your Language

To celebrate International Mother Language Day, we produced a series of videos called Mind Your Language, where interviewees talk about their experience of being (or not!) brought up bilingual and how that shaped their identities and lives. You will listen to the stories of those who will be forever grateful to their parents to have kept insisting and those who sadly admit that they feel a part of them is lost in translation, for not being able to communicate with half of the family or not having the possibility to fully embrace their origins.

Communicating with families in multiple languages: ideas for teachers and school leaders

Communicating with families is critical during distance learning. This video If you are a teacher or a school leader with pupils whose families’ first language is not English, in this video you will find lots of useful tips on how to communicate with them.

Learning Together Education Network

Learning Together Education Network is a community of practice created by Mother Tongues for teachers and practitioners in education settings who are interested in the themes of migration, inclusivity, language learning and child development in multicultural families.

All-Island Education Network

The All-Island Education Network is an online community of practice created by Mother Tongues and Full Service Community Network for teachers (teaching 5 to 12 years old pupils) and practitioners in education settings North and South of the border interested in the themes of teaching EAL learners in the mainstream classroom, multilingual approaches in the classroom and developing home/school communication with migrant families.

10 myths on bilingualism debunked in 10 minutes

In this HeadStuff lecture Dr Francesca La Morgia talks about 10 of the myths on bilingualims

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