Mother Tonuges Festival 2023, Tallaght, 16-18 February.

Volunteer with us!

Language Explorers is Mother Tongues’ flagship programme for young children and happens in various locations within South Dublin. The Language Explorers workshops have a strong focus on language development, parent-child communication and literacy. Workshops provide a high-quality creative experience for parents and their children through engaging based on storytelling, drama, visual arts, and music.


We are looking for volunteers to help workshop facilitators on the day, for the session to run smoothly (welcoming families, recording attendance, handing out materials, helping tidy up ect).  Each session runs for about an hour and the volunteer will be needed for an hour before and 30 min after.

Total commitment: 2.5 hours per session.


If you are interested, fill out the form below! Please note: new dates will be added throughout the year.

Become part of our growing multilingual community!

Meet artists from around the world

Be part of a project that aims to change the society

Make new friends and have fun!


Volunteering at the Language Explorers workshops has been an enriching experience! Meeting new faces, recognising the returning families week after week, and seeing the positive effects that arts have on both the children and their parents. I have seen first-hand how Mother Tongues’ workshops are safe spaces for families that have moved to Ireland from other countries, and as a volunteer, I too have experienced these safe spaces but in my own unique way! I truly enjoyed working with the artits, engaging with the families, and praising both the children and the parents for their spectacular works of art!