Past Projects

The transcultural mediators’ project aims to develop a model for transcultural mediation in the arts. Through conversations with artists, arts managers, creative directors, civil society organisations and members of the public we are investigating the role of mediators in the Irish cultural and creative sector. The project started in 2021 with a series of conversations on these themes with artists, cultural organisations, members of the public and civil society organisations. 

The Interactive Museum of Languages for Young Audiences (IMLYA) is a touring interactive exhibition for primary school children. By offering schools the opportunity to experience the exhibition on their grounds and availing of educational activities, the exhibition enables teachers to help young people learn and apply creative skills and capacities. 

Mother Tongues offered fun and interactive language classes for children to practice their mother tongue/heritage language with confidence.
Our goal was to encourage children to develop a passion for language, gain confidence in their language skills and make new friends to share their language learning journey.

The See Through Café was a free and open space where we allow to flourish conversations about art and diversity in and across Ireland, through the eyes of Artists and art enthusiasts. The project was presented in collaboration with Rua Red and supported by Creative Ireland South Dublin and South Dublin County Arts Office.

In 2020, as part of Social Inclusion Week in South Dublin County Council, we ran a virtual series of Yoruba bedtime stories with singer-song writer Zeenie Summers. 

The three stories are available on our YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy any time!


Our Education Network was a community of practice created by Mother Tongues for teachers and practitioners in education settings interested in the themes of migration, inclusivity, language learning and child development in multicultural families. 

Our Learning Together Labs were virtual professional development and networking opportunities for heritage and community language teachers. They took place each month during term time. This virtual space was the only dedicated support for heritage and community language teachers in Ireland. 


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