Language Explorers Activity Book

Language Explorers, coverThe Language Explorers Activity book is an essential resource for teachers who want to embrace a multilingual approach in their teaching.
The book is also the perfect gift for children who are passionate about languages and for those who speak more than one language. The activities have been designed for primary school children by Dr Francesca La Morgia, a linguist with many years of experience in bilingualism research.
Children are encouraged to learn the Irish Sign Language fingerspelling, solve problems, embrace a multilingual challenge, say hello in Yoruba and Romanian, explore their own surroundings and learn about the amazing Chester Beatty Library, which contains thousands of treasures in many different languages.

You can purchase Irish Language Books at An Siopa Leabhar, in-store and online at www.siopaleabhar.com
The office is closed until 15th August. To order books please email education@mothertongues.ie
You can find the Language Explorers Activity Book in the following bookshops:
Chester Beatty Gift Shop (Chester Beatty Library Giftshop, Dublin Castle, Dublin 2, Ireland – 01 407 0753)
International Books (18 Frederick St S, Dublin, 2 – 01 679 9375)

If you would like to order copies of the Language Explorers activity book, please fill out the form at this link. We will get back to you with a quote that accounts for the costs of postage and packaging. Discounts are available if you order more than 30 copies. For questions, please email education@mothertongues.ie

Sample pages:

Language Explorers for schools

Language Explorers is a new Language Awareness Programme for primary schools designed to promote an interest in languages from an early age and to raise awareness of linguistic diversity in the classroom and in the community. The project was awarded the European Language Label in September 2018. 

Language Explorers_b1The lessons form a “crash course” in linguistics, in which children discover the origins of words, recognise sounds of familiar and unfamiliar languages, learn new words from many different languages and reach a deeper understanding of the languages they use in school and at home.

The key resource in this programme are the children themselves, who are great language learners and are very sensitive to the nuances of accents, dialects and differences between languages. Through interactive games, storytelling and story writing, children step into a world of languages that makes them aware of their own language abilities and encourages them to learn more about their heritage and about the people who surround them.

The Language Explorers programme is delivered by Mother Tongues staff over 5 weeks. Mother Tongues also provide training for teachers who want to deliver the programme in their own school.

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