In the last 12 months:

2600 parents and children

attended our award winning Language Explorers programme. This series of creative multilingual workshops have inspired more than 60% of children and parents to start using their mother tongue for the first time

179 migrant artists

have been employed to deliver Language Explorers workshops and the Mother Tongues Festival and attended our seminars, gaining new skills and experience which increase their chances of gaining future employment

700 parents, teachers, education professionals and artists

attended our training programmes, developing innovative skills for the new generations of multilingual children

More than 500 people

attended our yearly flagship event Mother Tongues Festival, experiencing the benefits of multilingualism for social cohesion

More than 1000 employees

in companies and organisations nationwide attended our talks about linguistic and cultural diversity in the workplace

19 new episodes

of our Mother Tongues podcast on RTÉ Junior Radio were released and broadcast on radio, spreading our message nationwide

Impact stories

Our award-winning Language Explorers programme has shown to improve parents’ and children’s confidence in using their mother tongue and enhance children’s language and communication skills.

Caoimhe's Story

The artist as a role model

Giulia’s Story

Discovering her personal identity

Susan’s Story

The power of children’s interactions

Amanda's Story

A space between home and preschool

Michaíl’s Story's

English as the minority language

Isaac’s Story

The parent as a key figure in supporting active bilingualism

Stefania’s Story

The power of engaging with parents

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