What is Mother Tongues?

Mother Tongues is a non-for profit organization aimed at promoting multilingualism in Ireland and globally. We work with schools, families, community groups and artists through a range of activities that allow children to experience language in new and exciting ways outside the home environment.

We believe that parents and educators need to learn about bilingualism (and plurilingualism), children need to experience their heritage language and communities need to come together and enjoy linguistic diversity.

Raising bilingual children in Ireland - talk

LEARN about bilingualism

We offer talks and short courses on bilingual language development, providing families with the tools they need to successfully raise children with two or more languages. We know that sometimes parents find it hard to maintain their language in Ireland because children have little or no opportunity to use it. We also support and train professionals who work closely with plurilingual children and families. 

EXPERIENCE heritage languages

All our projects aim to give children the opportunity to experience their heritage language through meet ups, storytelling sessions and creative activities.

ENJOY linguistic diversity

We encourage school children and teachers to learn more about linguistic diversity and bilingualism through our Language Explorers programme.
Our yearly arts Festival celebrates UNESCO International Mother Language Day by offering a rich artistic programme in more than 20 different languages for everyone to enjoy.
Mother Tongues is a branch of Conradh na Gaeilge.

Our team

Francesca La Morgia


Francesca is the founder and director of Mother Tongues.
She has been working as a lecturer in child language development since 2010 both in Ireland and in the UK. She is currently lecturing in linguistics at Ulster University and in the Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education in Maynooth.
Since 2006, her research has focused on child language development and bilingualism. She has been running workshops for bilingual families, teachers and other professionals for more than 10 years.

Síne Nic an Ail

Síne Nic an Ailí


Síne is a lover of languages, a former Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA), and a passionate Irish speaker. She has extensive experience in grassroots advocacy, cultural diplomacy, facilitation, community outreach, education, and communications. As director of Cultúr Club, she developed Irish-language and culture resources to strengthen a sense of Irish identity among children of the diaspora. She has worked with other lesser used language communities around the world in a bid to share experiences in language activism and education. She is currently helping Mother Tongues formulate a long-term strategic vision for multilingualism in Ireland, and aims to help new communities integrate into society by sharing the Irish language and culture.

elena cristofanon

Elena Cristofanon

Executive officer

Elena always believed that language is vital to express our true selves. Since she moved to Dublin from Rome in 2014, that became an issue even more important to her, as she found herself struggling with the barrier of truly express her ideas and passions in a language she didn’t fully control. One year later she decided to learn Spanish (for love) and also started teaching Italian to Irish people. At that point, she realized how much bilingualism and multilingualism can shape and change people minds.
With an academic background in art history, a master in Standards for education in museums and her skills in graphic and web design she supports the creative side of Mother Tongues.

Aga Pedrak​


Aga believes that language is the key to one’s mind and heart. She is passionate about child bilingualism and bilingual education, especially about teaching and transmission of Polish in the context of migration. She studied in Poland and Germany before coming to Ireland, where she is a PhD student at Trinity College Dublin (School of Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences). Aga works as a Polish language teacher and she is the vice-director of Equal Chances Polish School in Carlow. Her popular blog on multilingualism is helping Polish families worldwide.


Charlotte Petit


Charlotte worked for 10 years as a speech and language therapist in France in different contexts, mainly with children and especially in the disability area. She has been always committed to empowering families to support their children in the development of their communication.
Charlotte embraced bilingualism when she came to Dublin in 2017 with her husband and her three kids.
She believes that an emotional connection between children and their heritage language is the best way to bring them on the bilingualism path.

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