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Transcultural mediators

The transcultural mediators’ project aims to develop a model for transcultural mediation in the arts. Through conversations with artists, arts managers, creative directors, civil society organisations and members of the public we are investigating the role of mediators in the Irish cultural and creative sector.
Some of the questions we explore are:
– how can art and creativity act as a catalyst to make our society more inclusive?
– what process is needed to create a meaningful dialogue between those who produce and promote the arts and those who have so far been excluded from these conversations?
– how can cross-disciplinary and multi-layered approaches facilitate a dialogue between institutions, artists and audiences?
The project started in 2021 with a series of conversations on these themes with artists, cultural organisations, members of the public and civil society organisations. Throughout 2021 the project will develop into a series of commissions and an outcome that will be shaped by the conversations. Outcomes of the initial phase of the project were shared in the Winter of 2021.

Check out our upcoming course “Tools of Engagement: exploring identity, difference, conflict + possibility”.

The course is for anyone interested in working in intercultural contexts. The group of attendees will include community leaders, activists, cultural mediators and organisations that are interested in working more with diverse communities. Find out more >>>

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