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The ultimate list to keep up Spanish at home!

The ultimate list to keep up Spanish at home!

Schools are closed, families are far apart, but language can keep us together and get our brains active!
Here are some links to help families keep up the Spanish language and learn something new!

Babyradio.es is a Radio station for children and parents where children can listen to music, fairy tales, educational programs etc from Spain and Latin America. A fantastic way to explore the world and develop children’s imagination while at home. Lots of fun para los pequeños! A full directory of radios for Spanish speaker children can be found here.

Planinfantil provides a series of activities, including arts and crafts, theatre and recipes, to do at home in Spanish thought especially for the lockdown.

Free online theatre. In this website it’s possible to register for free and watch theatre plays for children in Spanish.

A directory of stories in Spanish that you can read to your children: www.conmishijos.com/

www.conmishijos.com – a blog for parents with plenty of ideas for learning through having fun and building children’s creativity through DIY and art at home.

lavozdelmuro.net 50+ activities to enjoy et home with children of all ages.

This is a YouTube channel that guide small children through the basic of the Spanish language with a lot of fun!

A book to learn meditation with the parents in Spanish.

A YouTube playlist of children’s films to watch for free and another list of suggested movies for the whole family to enjoy during the quarantine.

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