South Dublin
Intercultural Network

Welcome to our vibrant community of artists in South Dublin County! We are a bunch of creative people from all over the world who have been developing a wide range of practices: from music to photography; from poem to dance; from crafts to visuals. We are here to support each other and make art together, with a strong belief that we grow stronger in collaboration.
If you are looking for artistic partnerships, would like to know more about each artist’s practice or just want to say “hi”, feel free to be in touch (every artist has shared their contacts below).
If you are interested in joining our Intercultural Network, you can contact Tatiana Santos at

Ashwin Chacko


Ashwin Chacko is an Indian author, illustrator and motivational speaker based in Dublin. He specialises in positively playful, visual storytelling to bring joy and encouragement. His mission is to champion creativity and empower people to find their inner spark.

Biodanza Fernanda

Fernanda Morales
Biodanza Fernanda’s mission is to help human beings see that through body movements they can become a better version of themselves. Biodanza is a system that nourishes life, acting as the bond with you, with the other and with the universe.

Tania Rosas Designs

Tania Rosas Designs

My name is Tania Rosas and I am the multicultural artist behind Tania Rosas Designs. I create cultural, creative and colourful arts and crafts. My motto is “Travel via Art” with the goal of awakening cultural curiosity!

Kat Lee Tai Chi

Kat Lee Tai Chi

I am a Tai Chi/ QiGong instructor. I am trained under Chen style with Chen Tai Chi Ireland but also practise Yang style. I qualified under the British Health Qigong Ass to teach Wu Qin Xi -5 Animals form and Yi Jin Jing -Tendon Muscle Strengthening Form. I do continuous instructor training in Galway, Belfast and the UK.

Oti Nabiri

Oti Nabiri_

I am an artist from Warri Nigeria with experience in sculpture, installation, digital painting and graphic design. I’m also a poet, a writer and a videographer.
My art evokes my genuine inner voice, it tells an original story about my experiences, memories, ideas and beliefs. It transcends boundaries, and always very interactive.

Shinu John

What we have as humans is so powerful and unique but we seldom see it. The ability to converse and express emotions with motion is a gift by itself. I felt my pursuit of art should be aligned with this expression as well.
I call my work Power Portraits. I love creating them as a way of telling a story and I usually engage in deeper conversations with the subject to bring out the emotion before creating the image.

Subhashini Goda

I am an Indian classical dancer (Bharatanatyam), researcher, and poet from India. I enjoy movement practices that play with traditions and transgressions and are situated in storytelling and languages. 
Currently, I am pursuing a PhD at UCD, focusing on Indian dance and identity in the diaspora. I’d love to collaborate, practise and learn with different artists from varied mediums!

Yasmin Mello

I am a Brazilian, Dublin-based, dance artist and my main interest is to create interdisciplinary work exploring themes of immigration, myths, surreal imagery and collaborative creation using intuitive creative processes. I have a strong background in movement methodologies and research and I am now focusing on how to make dance a more accessible art form to a wider audience and how to use my works to create a platform for migrants and Irish people to begin conversations with less fear or bias.

African Dance Centre Ireland


Come learn traditional dances from the West of Africa with Godfred Asare, an Irish-Ghanaian dancer with over 15 years experience teaching dance and facilitating workshops in Ireland and abroad.
We explore the rhythms of this beautiful region, connect with our bodies and have fun. The workshops are open to everybody, whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer.
Boost your mood, improve your fitness and be part of our growing dancing community!

Abul Daniel

I am a Visual Artist, I focused mainly on biro works and paintings

Kseniya Yatsyna

I am a screenwriter and director. Experience in television, photo projects, fashion shows, music videos, beauty contests, and other projects.

Fusion Murga Ireland


Fusion Murga is an inclusive, interdisciplinary, multilingual and transcultural performance group. It includes professional and non-professional artists with histories of migration collaborating cross-culturally. The Murga tradition includes Music, Comedy, Face paint, Drumming, Costume Design, Acting, Clowning, Movement. We bring it into modern day Dublin, enriching it with different realities, talents, skills from its members.

Ta Tum Tum!

Kasia Eliasz_resized

Ta Tum Tum! is an interactive music show designed for children to explore samba music through body awareness, voice and different rhythms used in Brazilian music. Samba is enacted most spectacularly in the Brazilian Carnaval celebrations and that’s what Ta Tum Tum! is all about – sharing the most colourful and happy celebration in the world with children! The instruments include: caxixi, agogo, pandeiro, surdo, shekere and more. And it all comes from a magical treasure trunk!

The Cultural Diversity programme is designed to ensure that cultural diversity and inclusion are embedded in cultural organisations in South Dublin County Council and in the work of the Arts Office. The programme is managed by Mother Tongues and a local steering committee.

Our goal at Mother Tongues is to inspire everyone in society to be open to linguistic and cultural diversity and value the benefits that multilingualism brings to individuals, communities and to our society as a whole.  Since our foundation in 2017 we have inspired many schools, libraries and community organisations to embrace multilingualism and act as catalysts for change, showing that Ireland welcomes all linguistic and cultural identities, and inspiring future generations of bilingual and multilingual children.