Caoimhe’s Story

The artist as a role model

Caoimhe is really into planet Earth at the moment and her mum, Karen, told us that after being at the Language Explorers workshops and being exposed to all the other family languages, it dawned on Caoimhe that “There is English and there are also so many people on planet Earth who speak so many different languages!”. Caoimhe has also been showing a lot of interest in Brazil and the Portuguese language because the artist who facilitated the workshops grew up there and taught the children a few words during storytelling.


Ever since the first workshop, Caoimhe asked her mum every day after preschool if they could go to Tallaght Library again (where the workshops were taking place). 


Both parents told us that Caoimhe is very attached to the crafts she makes at the workshops, playing with them constantly and that during the week in between workshops, Caoimhe talks a lot about everything that happened at the sessions.


Caoimhe is mesmerised by the workshops!” Confesses Karen.


Caoimhe is more confident after having attended the Language Explorers workshops. The workshops have visibly impacted her positively in terms of self-confidence and speaking in front of a group in both home languages, English and French

“Caoimhe is very shy and new people and places often overwhelm her.
Today in pre-school they said she’s coming out of her shell. For me, the storytelling element of the workshops, standing in front of the other children to tell a little story, I think this has helped her a lot.
Thank you very much for creating such a nurturing space.”
Says Karen.

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