Museum of Languages for Young Audiences

The Interactive Museum of Languages for Young Audiences (IMLYA) is a touring interactive exhibition for primary school children. IMLYA extends the range of creative activities by providing an immersive creative experience for children. By offering schools the opportunity to experience the exhibition on their grounds (indoors or outdoors) and availing of educational activities, the exhibition enables teachers to help young people learn and apply creative skills and capacities. IMLYA can be safely delivered during any level of Covid related restrictions.

IMLYA was commissioned by South Dublin County Council Arts Office as part of Cruinniú na nÓg 2021 and it was co-funded by Languages Connect. 

What does the experience consist of?
Children will have the opportunity to interact with language based sculptures inspired by linguistic artifacts,
signs, pictographs and alphabets.
The components include:
·   A story telling well/tree which will allow children to scan other artifacts from surrounding
sculptural elements to reveal stories from other cultures and languages, shown via video.
·   A tunnel in which children can pass through languages and alphabets
·   A space to play with clay plates and the ancient languages of Persia
·   A sculpture where children can play with the basics of the knotted language of Inkas
·   Experience calligraphy – the origin of Chinese writing
·   Wooden puzzles which will allow children to learn about words describing colours in Irish

By engaging with the artwork and this experience, children will develop an understanding of other
languages, cultures and unlock their creative potential. IMLYA is designed to cross language barriers
and involve children who speak languages other than English and Irish.

The Artist


Tomasz Madajczak has worked with art and education for about 15 years, facilitating art workshops for children, teenagers and adults. Practical use of film and filmmaking, photography, assemblage, drawing, painting, graffiti, have served as methodologies introduced by Tomasz’s workshops and art works for young audiences. The combination of art and education plays a crucial role in development of deep interest and curiosity in young people, to enable them to explore and widen their life perspectives. Through introducing the participants to various art media and their application Tomasz creates education workshop which engage participants.
His most recent realisations for children are: 7 artists initiative “Art in Action” shown at Uillinn West Cork Art Centre in Skibbereen 2020, “Inside Out” youth group exhibition Uillin West Cork art Centre 2020, “Sztuka Stuka” MOOS municipal art gallery Gorzów Wlkp. Poland 2019, 2 artists collaboration “Mapping The Divide” performance at Uillinn West Cork Art Centre 2019.  
Tomasz studied Photography at the Fine Arts Academy in Poznań 1998-2003 completing an MAFA in the Intermedia Department. Tomasz emigrated to Ireland in 2003 where he has been a practicing artist since. He has exhibited in Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Pakistan, France and Ireland.
Tomasz Madajczak

The museum was commissioned by South Dublin Creative Ireland programme as part of Cruinniú na nÓg 2021, and it was co-funded by Languages Connect.