Mother Tongues Families

We are proud to present our newest project, starting at the beginning of the new year and the new decade! After talking to many parents we have decided that we needed a hub for families to meet others, share experiences and spend time with their baby or toddler through interesting and educational activities.
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Charlotte Petit, Cécile Vesin and Martha Lopez are the brains behind our first Mother Tongues Families group, which is a parent and toddler group with a twist! Through a range of interactive activities, our aim is to give these parents the tools they need to support their child’s linguistic development and empower them to support and promote language and communication both inside and outside of the home.  
The sessions are specifically aimed at supporting parents in fostering two languages or more from a young age. 

Parents will take part in creative activities, storytelling and games that foster parent-child communication in a positive and non-judgemental atmosphere.

And yes, there will be light refreshments and coffee of course!

This group will provide an excellent opportunity for parents who are new to the country or parenting, to socialise with other parents while their child experiences play outside the home.

mother tongues families
mother tongues families
mother tongues families
mother tongues families
mother tongues families

What do we do?

In each session the group is led by a group of experts in the area of language and play.
Parents will be able to:

  • Make new friends in a relaxed and friendly environment
  • Play games that stimulate language and communication skills in their child
  • Ask questions to experts on language development and bilingualism
  • Explore age appropriate ideas for play that can be replicated at home

Location and time

Wednesday mornings, from 29th January every week from 10.30 to 11.30 am. 
Robert Emmet Community Development Project on Usher Street in Dublin 8


This is a drop-in group and to join you need to be a member of Mother Tongues
We ask for a 3 Euro donation each time you visit.

If you would like to be informed about our group’s activities, please enter your email here. For any questions, please contact Charlotte Petit at

Charlotte Petit

charlotte petit

Charlotte worked for 10 years as a speech and language therapist in France in different contexts, mainly with children and especially in the disability area. 
She has been always committed to empowering families to support their children in the development of their communication.
Charlotte embraced bilingualism when she came to Dublin in 2017 with her husband and her three kids.
She believes that an emotional connection between children and their heritage language is the best way to bring them on the bilingualism path.

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