Membership for Early Years Educators

We work with schools, families, community groups, and artists to provide children with support and activities that allow them to experience their mother tongue in new and exciting ways.

We are now partnering with Barnardos to support Early Years Educators working with multilingual families throughout Ireland.

Individual membership lasts 12 months from the day you join and it includes webinars, events, and resources on bi- and multilingualism as well as networking and training opportunities for our Early Years Educators members.

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Benefits of your membership

Your membership for Early Years Educators includes:

Access to the members' area

This is a virtual learning space where you will find lots of useful videos, links, resources and dedicated content for Early Years Educators to help you and the multilingual families that you support, including:
- Top Tips for Early Years Educators
- Communicating with families in their mother tongue
- A list of useful phrases in English and other languages
- The languages in my life questionnaire

free webinars and workshop

Participation in selected webinars on bilingualism and in online professional development and networking sessions; find upcoming webinars for members only here:

free entry to our annual conference

one free consultation (Find out more)

Via phone, Skype or email for 30 minutes

Discount on products

- 40% off books and ebooks published by Multilingual Matters:
- 20% off all other courses and services

Membership is valid 1 year from the day of your subscription.

You can now buy your membership online for 35€. 

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