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We know that raising bilingual (or plurilingual) children in Ireland can be hard, especially if families don’t have a large network of friends who share the same language or the opportunity to send their children to weekend schools. For this reason, we offer practical courses for parents on bilingual language development and we organise events and classes for children to be immersed in their heritage language while having fun with their peers.

for parents

Courses for parents

Our courses help parents to understand the main stages of language development and to familiarise themselves with typical features of bilingualism. We answer questions such as: why does my child prefer one language over the other? Does bilingualism slow down language development? Can a child cope with three languages? Should we adopt a strategy when choosing which language to speak to our child? Is it ok to switch language in conversation?… and many more.
Our courses and talks are based on the latest research and on many years of combined experience of raising and educating bilingual children. We tailor content to the needs and interests of the group and we give parents plenty of time to ask questions and discuss their own circumstances. Our goal is to give parents practical advice that they can put into practice immediately.

We organise talks in community centres and libraries, but you can also book a talk for your toddler group, creche, school or community group. Sometimes people prefer to attend these talks during work hours, so we also visit companies all over Ireland.

For parents who want to devise a plan for their family or who feel that they need advice tailored to their specific needs, we offer a dedicated consultancy service. An expert will be at hand to develop and sustain a language strategy in collaboration with the family.

Events for children

We regularly organise classes and events for children to practice their heritage language. You can find out what’s on in your local area, and if you can’t find what your are looking for, do get in touch.


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Heritage language schools

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