Language Explorers Early Years workshops 2022. Mother Tongues. Photography Elena Cristofanon

For parents

Mother Tongues inspire parents to use simple techniques to make sure their children can successfully develop two or more languages. We do this by providing information, support and resources and by inviting families to attend our creative multilingual programme Language Explorers.

Mother Tongues offer bespoke family language consultations to support parents in deciding on a language strategy, to find out about specific techniques to boost language skills, and to address challenges. 

If the information on our website does not answer all your questions and you would like to delve deeper or design a solution to suit your family needs, you can request a consultation here.  

Find families with young children who speak your language and connect with many other families from around the world who live in your local area. 


If you are based in Ireland, you will be able to join your local community right now.

In today’s world most children speak two or more languages. But can all children become bilingual? What can parents do to support them? Are there techniques that work and others that cause problems? These and other questions are quite common among parents who deal with bilingualism in their family. This is why Mother Tongues offers a range of membership packages.

The Language Explorers workshops have a strong focus on language development, parent-child communication and literacy and provide a high-quality creative experience for parents and their children based on storytelling, drama, visual arts and music.

Download our flyer with tips on raising multilingual children (available in multiple languages)

From parenting tips to inspiring early childhood practice, there is something for everyone who wants to get immersed into the world of bilingualism and multilingualism!

With the Language Explorers Activity book, you can take a journey with your child and discover and learn about the wonderful world of languages! Whether you’re part of a bilingual or multilingual family, living away from home, or want to give your child a head start on learning a new language, the Language Explorer’s Activity book is a great tool to add to your family’s bookshelves.

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