Learning Together Labs for heritage language teachers

Our Learning Together Labs are virtual professional development and networking opportunities for heritage and community language teachers. They take place each month during term time. This virtual space is the only dedicated support for heritage and community language teachers in Ireland. 

Learning Together Labs are open to individual members and to teachers working for member schools.

International Guidelines for Professional Practices in Community Based Heritage Language (CBHL) Schools 2021

Mother Tongues has participated in this initiative. A group of organisations in Canada, Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands, and the United States came together to focus on what CBHL schools worldwide have in common and to define universal principles and good practices that will help guide these schools.
These International Guidelines of Professional Practices were developed in 2021 by representatives of heritage language school communities, organizations, associations, and initiatives.
Please help us improve the Guidelines by sending us your feedback (click here). 


Yesterday's meeting was wonderful. I loved hearing about Evan's journey. It is truly amazing to see how these teachers persevere despite the many challenges hey face. What a wonderful job is Mother Tongues doing by bringing them together and providing a sense of community for them.
Dr. Inmaculada Gómez Soler
Assistant Professor of Spanish and Applied Linguistics