Talk to me in… Portuguese!

talk to me in

Fale comigo em … Português!
Venha conhecer outras famílias de Portugal no Arco do Fusilier, St Stephen’s Green, em Dublin.
Um encontro de famílias para conversar em português e conhecer outras famílias portuguesas a viver na Irlanda.

Come and meet other families from Portugal @ Fusilier’s Arch, St Stephen’s Green, Dublin.
28th April 2019, 11 am

Talk to me in… is Mother Tongues’ response to the many requests we get from families to provide opportunities to meet others who share the same language. The first years of life are critical in the development of the heritage language, so we believe it is important for children to be exposed to it as much as possible in the home and in social contexts.
Talk to me in… is an informal gathering in a public place. It is organised by individuals who have an interest in using their mother tongue with their children and expose them to it in social contexts. Mother Tongues help you to find a suitable location (if needed) and promote the event on social media and through the monthly newsletter.

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