Russian Gymnasium

International educational centres “Russian Gymnasium” (RG) provide supplementary education in Russian for children aged between 2 and 12. 
Russian GymnasiumThe very first centre was founded in 2004 in London by Dr Julia Desyatnikova, a highly experienced psychologist. She hand-picked a group of scientists, academics, art professionals and talented students, all native Russian speakers, all of whom displayed a great passion for their subjects, along with enthusiasm to impart knowledge to children.
Additional educational centres have been opened since in several European capital cities, among them Paris, Brussels, Madrid, Budapest and others. 
Dublin branch opened doors in October 2018.
“Russian Gymnasium” promotes the belief that the teaching and learning process needs to be interactive; it is important that children enjoy their experiences at school, and that they are encouraged to explore ideas, question the arguments of others and express themselves with confidence.  This approach is critical to the success of any educational program and especially for bilingual children.  At Russian Gymnasium, they let them experience language in a variety of situations and acquire language naturally and spontaneously through exploring, thinking, communicating within a stimulating and nurturing environment created by their teachers. Their team is the core. Being well-educated, passionate and respectful, teachers work as a team to communicate their personalities, knowledge and values to children, so as to educate their minds as well as their hearts.  They give children more confidence, effectively build their self-esteem, develop a sense of social and emotional security together with academic abilities and intellectual thinking.
At Russian Gymnasium, they use a modern integrated approach to teaching languages via a wide variety of subjects, as a result of which language is naturally learned and processed. There are math, language, Science and Humanities, Music, Drama and Art. They timetable weekly lessons on Saturdays from 10 am till 12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm and 3 pm for each respective age group.
All parents and carers are very welcome to contact as to arrange an interview. Interview appointments can be arranged all year round on any Saturday (during term time only). It is necessary to contact the Russian Gymnasium in advance prior to visiting. 
083 479 34 36