4 VejaiThe 4 Vėjai was founded in Dublin in September 2004, by the Lithuanian Association in Ireland.
They started with 40 pupils of all ages and 4 teachers.
Now, they are very proud to announce that the school has three very busy branches.
4 Vėjai have two schools in Dublin and one in Drogheda.
These schools are attended by more than 400 pupils, who are supervised by more than 50 highly experienced and dedicated teachers. These also include such specialists, as a qualified child psychologist and also a speech therapist.
The 4 Vejai school is a community-based institution, which provides tuition in the Lithuanian
language and culture, for children aged 4 to 18. This tuition takes place on Saturdays, from the start of September, till the end of May.
Graduate pupils are also given tuition to prepare them for the Leaving Certificate Lithuanian
language exams. The school is also an active participant of the network of Lithuanian schools in
Ireland, which is united under the umbrella of “The Council of Lithuanian Schools”.
The highest attention in our schools is focused specifically on learning the Lithuanian language, as a basis of understanding pupils’ Lithuanian national identity.
Lessons in the Lithuanian language include: information on national traditions and festivals, the
history of Lithuania and many other highly important national events.
Pupils in the classes use specialised textbooks provided by Lithuanian educational institutions.
Tuition is conducted according to the recommendations and guidelines of those specialised
institutions, though widely adopted by our teachers, to conform to the levels and specific needs of each of the pupils who attend.
Pupils attend 4 hours of language classes every Saturday, followed by an additional hour of other
activities, namely; singing, dancing, arts, performance, and so on, which pupils may or may not
choose to attend.
Pupils attending this school come in with a wide range of proficiency in the Lithuanian language – from native speakers, who would like to expand and polish their knowledge, to non-speakers, who barely know any word in Lithuanian. Non-speakers are given specialised tuition, although the biggest boost to their knowledge comes from their integration into classes with their peers, giving the former a suitable environment to practice their language skills and catch-up with the latter through communication and collaboration amongst peers. This is supervised by our specialist teachers.
4 Vėjai’s mission is not only to teach children the Lithuanian language, but also to create a community of Lituanophones in Ireland, both children and grown-ups – to share their experience, impressions and interests, to communicate and collaborate, also to raise questions and find answers to those questions, to understand the world and of course, be a creative part of it.

Email: 4vejai@alb.ie,
School Director: Dr Arūnas Teišerskis.
The 3 branches are located in
1. Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 – Riversdale Community College, Blanchardstown Road North, D15.
2. Inchicore, Dublin 8 – Inchicore College of Further Education, Emmet Road, Dublin 8.
3. Drogheda – Drogheda Grammar School, Mornington Road, Drogheda, Co. Meath.