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READY, SET, GO! | PREPARADOS, LISTOS, ¡YA! Singing Summer Camp

Singing is a universal past-time. Every human feels the desire to sing at some point in their life. Some of us just can’t stop singing! However, not everyone is born with a pop star’s voice… but everyone has an instrument that can make beautiful music. Children are the luckiest – their capacity to learn new things and quickly overcome insecurities is their greatest asset. Music often has a profound impact on kids, facilitating cognitive development and creative self-expression. Playing music has been shown to increase intellectual capacity and assist with memorisation and general mental focus. The research speaks for itself! In this 4-day summer camp at Instituto Cervantes, your kids can have the life-changing experience of making music with others – all through Spanish!

In the Coro Infantil Cervantes this July, the activities will focus on accessibility, developing musicality, and – most of all – having fun! No previous musical experience is required whatsoever. The activities will be led in a way that encourages organic play, embraces mistakes, and uses them to create new musical ideas. Each day of the camp will be full of games – physical games, vocal games, rhythm games, etc. All of these playful activities serve to build a sense of teamwork and unity within the group. Having established trust amongst the group of kids on the camp, this will be transferred into the choral activities.

The kids in the summer camp will learn a wide variety of music, including songs from Central America, South America and Spain. All songs will be sung in Spanish. Exploring language through lyrical material is a rich and rewarding experience for people of all ages, especially for children. The songs will be taught in a way that kids with less proficient use of Spanish may as well participate and contribute. The music will be taught using keyboard and guitar, and will not be limited to melody either – singers will also learn rounds/canons, harmony parts and a little bit of choreography too! The songs include Argentinian rock’n’roll, Latin Pop, Cuban jazz, Chilean Nueva canción, Mexican folksong, Spanish Sephardic music, etc. So the summer camp could be their start in real music education!

Dónal KearneyThe camp is directed by Dónal Kearney, co-founder of Fingal Academy of Music and manager of Fingal Choral programme. Dónal has worked with young people of all ages across the UK and Ireland, and he is a certified Community Music Leader with international humanitarian charity Musicians Without Borders. As section coach with National Choirs of Great Britain (NYCGB) and Ulster Youth Training Choir (UYTC), he coaches some of the most gifted young singers on these islands. He is a Choral Facilitator with the Song-Seeking project, a music programme for singers living in direct provision and performed in the National Concert Hall in June 2019. He was recently recognised for this work with an invitation to Árás an Uachtaráin to meet President Michael D Higgins. As a professional performer, Dónal tours with Northern Ireland folk trio TRÚ and he has recorded as a soloist for Nintendo, Beats by Dre and World of Warcraft.

6 to 10 years old
1st to 4th July, from 9.30am to 12.30pm (Monday to Thursday)
More info:
Ready, set, go! Choir for Children in Spanish | ¡Preparados, listos, ya! Coro para niños en español

11 to 15 years old  
9th to 12th July, from 9.30am to 12.30pm (Tuesday to Friday)
More info:
Ready, set, go! Choir for Children in Spanish | ¡Preparados, listos, ya! Coro para niños en español

cervantes_dublinPlace Instituto Cervantes’ Auditorium, Lincoln Hs, Lincoln Pl, D2
Registration FEE €100 (each workshop will need a minimum of 8 children to go ahead).
CONTACT US | 01 631 1500/33

workshop in russian

Art therapy workshop ‘It All starts with Childhood’

workshop in russianTwo full-day workshops by Elena and Maria Makarova dedicated to childhood.

Elena Makarova is an art therapist, educator, author of 40 books, historian.
The workshop is designed for art therapists, artists, educators, parents, and anyone and everyone looking to explore their own personal understanding and self-expression through art.

This event is for adults, children from 12 years old are very welcome too.
It will be in Russian.

“В начале было детство”

Двухдневный семинар Елены Макаровой и Марии Макаровой будет посвящен теме детства.
Что мы любили, чего боялись, о чем мечтали…
Наши работы расскажут нам о самих себе то, что мы не можем сформулировать в вербальной форме. С помощью трансформации из одного материала в другой мы попробуем добраться до сути вещей.
Мы будем заниматься формой и цветом, их самостью и единством. Мы задействуем все – глину, краски, движение, музыку и перформанс.

Семинар для взрослых, подходит для детей от 12. Язык – русский.

Больше информации здесь

Mother Tongues, European Day of Languages

European Day of Languages 2018

Mother Tongues’ very first celebration of the European Day of Languages has been a fantastic multilingual marathon… or langua-thon, with 9 days of events which involved more than 500 people of all ages.

We started on Culture Night – 21st September – with a multilingual reading of The Hare and the Tortoise, one of the best known Aesop’s fables, at the Gutter Bookshop. We told the story in Swedish, German, Irish, Greek, Italian, French, Maltese and Russian. Children loved listening to the sounds of new languages and our storytellers had a great time!

On 22nd September two Native Scientist workshops took place in Trinity College Dublin. In these workshops, 5 Italian speaking scientists and 5 Spanish speaking scientists spoke to more than 50 children about their research and engaged them in fun experiments and games. Children learned about the brain, about cells and DNA, about the oldest rocks in the world, and much more, but more importantly, they learned about science through the medium of their mother tongue.

The highlight of the week was the European Language Label Awards! Language Explorers received the European Language Label from Minister Richard Bruton, and this recognition has given us great energy to start the programme in new schools from next week!

The LexIcon Library in Dun Laoghaire was the home of many of the activities that took place around the European Day of Languages. On Monday 24th September two classes visited the library for Language Explorers workshops. Children learned about Irish Sign Language, about the many languages spoken in Africa and they played games based on similarities between languages. On Tuesday 25th and Thursday 24th Claudia Kunkel ran two multilingual storytelling sessions in collaboration with Erika Piazzoli, Aga Pedrak and Juliette Saumande (pictured here). The library also hosted a talk on raising bilingual children, which was attended by mums, dads, and grandparents who shared a common goal: supporting their family’s multilingualism with a positive attitude and great determination!

Francesca also visited Clones Library for two Language Explorers school workshops, and she shared her knowledge of Irish Sign Language and Italian in exchange for some Gaelige and Lithuanian. Everyone had lovely stories to share, and we discovered that the Italian and the Irish words for LAMP are similar in Italian, Spanish, Russian and Irish!

The week ended with our bimonthly Language Adventures reading project, which saw Italian speaking families sharing stories and reading books in Italian at Dolphin’s Barn library in Dublin 8.


This week has given us great energy to continue with our activities and to keep spreading the message that multilingualism is a great asset for our society! We hope you enjoyed our events too, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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Mother Tongues Tent at St. Patrick’s Festival Big Day Out

Did you know that more than 180 languages are spoken in Ireland?
How many words in Irish have been borrowed from other languages? How many languages could St. Patrick speak?
Visit Mother Tongues stand @ St. Patrick’s Festival for an afternoon of language games and fun facts!

St. Patrick’s Festival – BIG DAY OUT – FREE Event
Sunday 18th March 2018, Merrion Square, Dublin 2

For more info, visit

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Italian Science Workshop For Children

On 16th November, Native Scientist lab. are going to run a trial of the first Native Scientist lab in Trinity College Dublin.
The workshop will see four Italian scientists engaging in fun demonstrations of their work. The lab is designed for Italian speaking children between the ages of 6 and 11.
Registration is free but required. Please click HERE to register your child.  Limited spaces are available.
If you are a scientist and you want to volunteer on one of these workshops, please visit

Il 16 Novembre, quattro scienziati Italiani a Dublino si uniranno per parlare e per mostrare il loro lavoro a bambini che parlano italiano in casa. Consigliato a bambini da 6 a 12 anni.
L’evento e’ gratis ma la registrazione e’ richiesta. Vi preghiamo di cliccare QUI per iscrivere il vostro bambino.