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Lezioni di italiano: Language Explorers ITALIANO

lezioni di italianoIl team di Mother Tongues è lieto di annunciare il lancio di un corso di italiano per bambini, chiamato Language Explorers ITALIANO che si svolgerà presso il Perrystown Community Centre.
Si tratta di un ciclo di 13 lezioni di italiano per bambini madrelingua. Questo gruppo comprende bambini che hanno appreso l’italiano in Italia e bambini che lo hanno appreso in Irlanda. L’obiettivo di questo corso è di affrontare tematiche multidisciplinari usando la lingua italiana, lavorando su compentenze orali e scritte come delineato dal MIUR nel contesto della scuola primaria italiana. Tratteremo temi di arte, storia, geografia, scienze e scienze sociali. I temi trattati verrano scelti in base agli interessi dei bambini e non in base ad un programma o ad un libro. Le classi hanno un numero massimo di 8 partecipanti per fare sì che ogni bambino possa seguire un percorso indicato per le proprie abilità e i propri interessi.
Il corso prevede la frequenza ad un ciclo di 13 settimane, dall’11 Settembre all’11 Dicembre 2019 con una pausa per il Midterm break.
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Story boxes in our mother tongues: a hands on multilingual literacy experience

Take a traditional tale that has travelled the world, build characters and props, and here you have a “story box”!
Now it’s time for you to enjoy telling stories in many languages, share fun moments and engage with the whole school community!

As part of the Language Explorers initiative, we visited a Junior Infants class in Dublin to create the opportunity for children to experience various languages and to learn more about one another.
We chose the Three Little Pigs, a very familiar tale, and we invited parents to take part in the project.
Parents joined their children in building the props and telling the stories in their mother tongue.

The discussions among the children were fascinating:

– “Look! I made a pig unicorn!”
– How do you say “horn” in your language?
– Rożek (in polish)
– Oh! like courgette!
– yeah! but it’s not the same /R/ (referring to the pronunciation of the r sound). I now know 3 ways to do /R/: English, polish and french!

Parents had fun telling the story in their mother tongue and for many, it was the first time they spoke their language in front of their child’s class.
The children heard the same story told in English, Irish, Portuguese, Japanese and French. This was a great opportunity for all children to be exposed to new sounds and words and to understand the diversity that their friends and the families bring to the school as an enrichment to the whole school community.
Children were delighted to share their heritage with the rest of the class and they were very excited to see their parents speak a language in school that is only usually spoken at home. The comments, the observations, the laughter, the attempts to imitate sounds and words allowed everyone to experiment with linguistic diversity.
It was a fantastic experience and we hope to be able to bring this initiative to more schools, so get in touch if you would like to bring this project to your school!
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Language Explorers. Book launch at the Chester Beatty Library, 18th Sept 2018.

Launch of Language Explorers Activity Book

The Language Explorers Activity Book was launched on 18th September at the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin.
The event opened with an address by  Bláthnaid ní Ghréacháin, CEO of Gaeloideachas, on the importance of multilingualism and the relevance of the Language Explorers Activity Book in classrooms.
The launch included a fantastic “Language Explorers” themed workshop organised by Dr La Morgia in collaboration with Jenny Siung, Head of Education at the Chester Beatty Library, who worked together on the book.

“It was an honour to be able to collaborate with Jenny Siung and Justyna Chmielewska at the Chester Beatty Library, because they immediately understood the potential of this multilingual resource and their collection is the perfect starting point for a multilingual treasure hunt” said La Morgia. “I really enjoyed seeing the children walking around the collection and spotting the objects that were portrayed in the book and I hope that many more children will be able to look at this collection and at the world around them with a different attitude after they have completed the activities in the book.”

Dr Francesca La Morgia awarded the European Language Label for the Language Explorers initiative
Dr Francesca La Morgia awarded the European Language Label for the Language Explorers initiative

Since the book launch, the Language Explorers project for primary schools has been awarded the European Language Label, an award that rewards innovative initiatives in the realm of language teaching and learning.

The Language Explorers activity book, published by Mother Tongues, includes activities for primary school children that encourage them to explore the linguistic landscape around them and to play with language. The activity book takes children on a journey of discovery through games, quizzes and word searches. Young Language Explorers will start observing the languages they see every day on road signs, shop fronts and even on their food labels!

The book is available in English and in Irish, thanks to the support of Gaeloideachas.

Get your copy HERE.

anguage Explorers at the Chester Beatty Library

Language Explorers Workshop and book launch at the Chester Beatty Library

Language Explorers, coverJoin us for an interactive free workshop to discover a world of languages in the Chester Beatty Library!
The Language Explorers Activity Book will be launched at the Chester Beatty Library on 18th September at 4 pm and we are planning a fun and interactive workshop for primary school children in collaboration with the museum.
Everyone is welcome!

Join Francesca La Morgia, founder of Mother Tongues and Jenny Siung, Head of Education at the Chester Beatty Library, for the launch of the first publication for children by Mother Tongues. The Language Explorers Activity Book allows children to step into a world of languages and fosters their awareness of the diversity of languages that surround them. The book is a great resource for teachers in every school, and it is available in English and in Irish. Activities include word finding games, language hunts, writing in scripts from faraway lands, and exploring the treasures that can be found in the Chester Beatty Library.
The book will be available to purchase on the day. Or you can get your copy here for 13€,  – including postage and packaging!

If you would like to purchase more than one copy of the Language Explorers activity book, please fill in the form at this link. We will get back to you with a quote that accounts for the costs of postage and packaging. Discounts are available if you purchase more than 30 copies. For questions, please email