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MT Language Classes

Develop Your Child’s Mother Tongue from Home with our Online Heritage Language Classes

Often, as parents living abroad, we think we should concentrate our efforts on the language of the majority.
While we agree that this is important, it is also vital to ensure that prioritising learning the language of the country you live in does not impact or dismiss your mother tongue.
One of the biggest barriers to successful bilingualism is the lack of opportunities for your child to hear and use the language that is not spoken by the majority or in their school

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What have I learned over 5 years of raising a bilingual child in Ireland?

I have learned that a positive attitude is a key and by saying that I mean me maintaining my positive attitude in this process of raising her with two languages as well as supporting my daughter in building her positive reflection on her own bilingualism and her ability to speak Polish and English.

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mother tongues

Dia Dhuit! Gaeilge is my mother tongue!

More and more children all over the world are growing up speaking two or more languages. Being bilingual has incredible advantages for children, and speaking a language like Irish gives you a head start when learning other languages too! You can use Irish in Ireland, but you will find many other speakers all over the world!

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