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Education Network

The All-Island Education Network is an online community of practice created by Mother Tongues and Full Service Community Network for teachers (teaching 5 to 12 years old pupils) and practitioners in education settings North and South of the border interested in the themes of teaching EAL learners in the mainstream classroom, multilingual approaches in the classroom and developing home/school communication with migrant families.
If you are interested in taking part, please fill out the form by clicking on the button:

The All-Island Education Network aims to:


opportunities to share good practice through increased dialogue, working together and sharing resources


about best practice North and South of the border in collaborating with migrant parents


further partnerships between voluntary sector organisations and government education agencies.

The All-Island Education Network is a project funded by the All Island Communities Fund. 

Mother Tongues is a social enterprise working to promote multilingualism and intercultural dialogue in Ireland.
We do this through three interconnected goals:

    1. Educating and empowering parents and educators
    2. Creating networks and support groups for multilingual families
    3. Raising awareness of the benefits of multilingualism and intercultural dialogue for individuals and society.

To reach our goals we work with public and private partners such as government departments, charities, local authorities, businesses, health services, universities and research centres, community groups, arts and culture organisations.
Find out more: mothertongues.ie

The FSCN aims to raise educational attainment by working in partnership to address the educational needs of children, their families and the local community of Upper Springfield and Greater Falls.
Full Service Community Network (FSCN) is a project funded by the Department of Education’s (DE) ‘Tackling Educational Disadvantage  Team via the Catholic Council for Maintained Schools (CCMS) which has managerial responsibility for the project.

FSCN provides a range of educational support services for children, young people, families, schools and the wider community of Upper Springfield and Greater Falls areas (2 of the most economically and socially deprived wards in the North of Ireland) with the core aim of working in partnership with schools to help raise standards in addressing low and under achievement. Find out more.