A trip around the world

Have you packed your bags? Are you ready to travel the world for free?
Mother Tongues in collaboration with a group of fantastic organisations and teachers is offering a free daily camp for primary school children interested in learning about cultures and customs from different countries.
During the week you will have fun exploring the Amazon forest, Russia, Syria and Hungary… more details coming soon!
Dates 11th to 15th January
Time 11am to 11.45am (Irish Time)
Register your interest here and we will send you a link by email on Monday 11th January.

The gods of Taiwan

Monday 11th January 2021 - 11 am

Do you know what divination means?
Do you know how many gods/deities there are in Taiwan?
Would like to learn how to facepaint (or paint) a deity?
Would you like to win a language explorers activity book?
Join us with Evan Furlong, the principal of Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese to find out more on the Gods of Taiwan.

The animals in the Amazon jungle

Tuesday 12th January 2021 - 11 am

Caio and Cillian will take us on an exciting adventure into the Amazon rainforest! We’ll learn about the animals, the trees, the rivers and the native indigenous people. We’ll sing along with the curupira and the caipora. We’ll even learn some words in Portuguese and get to know about the yummy Brazilian food! 

Ballet costume design

ballet custum design

Wednesday 13th January 2021 - 11 am

Would you like to introduce your children to the magical world of ballet?
 Let`s travel to St Petersburg to the Mariinsky Theatre, go backstage and take a look how the magic is created.
Join us with Nadia Bocharskaia, art teacher from Gymnasium, school of additional education for Russian speaking children

Exploring Hungary

Exploring Hungary

Thursday 14th January 2021 - 11 am

Follow Kata Varnyu and Péter on their journey to Hungary.

Let’s find out about Péter’s favourite things to see and do in his home country. Visit Lake Balaton and embark on a fantastic adventure. 

Let's play outside in Syria!

Artwork by: Artist Judy Akkad
Artwork by: Artist Judy Akkad

Friday 15th January 2021 - 11 am

Let us introduce you to the famous public space and streets games which kids used to play in Syria, learn about their famous art and craft, the traditional foods they love, as well as know about the famous buildings stories in Syria. 
Join us with Muhammad, the Syrian Architect, Director of Places of ARcture for engaging Art & Architecture within the Youth.