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Getting children to talk more in the heritage language

Why is my child not speaking back to me in my native language? What techniques can I use to encourage my child to talk more in the heritage language? Since this is the most frequently asked question, we decided to offer a webinar dedicated to this topic, with practical ideas tried and tested by parents …

Living with three languages

In this webinar for parents of trilingual children, we will discuss the ways in which children become trilingual, and the techniques to develop two different home languages in addition to the school language. If your child is between the ages of 0 and 6, you speak two languages in your household, and your child is …

Heritage language teach meet

How can community language schools connect with mainstream schools? In this teach-meet, we will discuss ways for mainstream teachers and community language teachers to connect and be aware of each others' work, to best understand the full experience of bilingual and multilingual children who attend both mainstream school and weekend/complementary/heritage language classes. Invited speakers include …

The perfect gift for bilingual families!

Know someone who is raising a bilingual child? Why not give them free unlimited access to the Mother Tongues Learning Hub!


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