Cultural Diversity Programme in South Dublin

Cultural Diversity Programme in South Dublin

The social and cultural landscape of South Dublin County has undergone significant and rapid transformation in recent years. Aligned with the strategy ‘A More Inclusive County’ (2023), which outlines the Council’s approach to societal integration, South Dublin County Council Arts Office identified Cultural Diversity as a crucial area for strategic development, which led us to collaborate on the development of this programme.

the programme

The Cultural Diversity Programme has included artistic residencies, research into the practices of culturally diverse artists, and cultural diversity awareness training for artists and arts organisations. 

SDCC Cultural Diversity Programme Showcase Event. 18th May 2024. Photography Hugo Vasconcelos and Eli Bonifacio

Programme's goal

The programme’s goal for the past three years has been to operate structural changes in the arts in South Dublin by empowering creatives, ensuring that local artists from a range of cultural backgrounds are involved in decision-making processes within the programme, fostering cultural competency, and enhancing access to opportunities at local level. The two main outcomes of 2024 included the delivery of a second Residency for Artists in South Dublin, with a specific focus on the intersection of arts and activism, coordinated Tatiana Santos, and the further development of the Intercultural Network of Artists.

SDCC Cultural Diversity Programme Showcase Event. 18th May 2024. Photography Hugo Vasconcelos and Eli Bonifacio

Showcase event

On May 18th, 2024, Mother Tongues organized a showcase event to conclude the “Arts and Activism” residency. This event, held at The Civic Theatre, brought together the five artists who had participated in the programme: Krystal Sweedman, Tania Notaro, Fatoumata Gandega, Sabrina Faria and Rodrigo Freire. The event provided an opportunity for the artists to present and showcase their multidisciplinary work through readings, photography exhibitions, and short films.


The group performed a piece together in response to the question: “How are you feeling?” This powerful representation from Sabrina, Rodrigo, Krystal, Fatoumata, and Tania highlighted universal themes that resonate across all cultures, such as grief, change, belonging, and acceptance.

Meet the Resident Artists

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