Educational Games for Second Language Acquisition

Educational Games for Second Language Acquisition

BABO: Bilingual And Bicultural Outlook

Our team participated in the fourth transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ Project “BABO: Bilingual And Bicultural Outlook” last week. Hosted in Brussels by our partner Super Lexi, the primary focus of the meeting was to explore the educational games developed by our partners.

Following the European Commission report “Education begins with language” (June 2020) which aims to support the application of the European Union’s Recommendation for a global approach to language teaching and learning, the BABO project’s main focus is teaching a second language in preschool settings in an innovative way, offering early childhood educators and families new educational methodologies and digital resources.

BABO- Transnational Meeting in Brussels. January 2024

Moreover, this project connects with the objectives of the Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027). This plan outlines the European Community’s vision for high-quality, inclusive and accessible digital education in Europe. It is a call to action for further cooperation at a European level in order to learn from the COVID-19 crisis, during which technology has started to be used on an unprecedented scale in education and training.

Collaborating for Innovative Education

In late 2023, our partner  Glow Animation Studio (Spain), winners of the Goyaknown for winning the Goya Awards for best animated film with “Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles”, launched ten episodes of a cartoon series featuring Babo the Dragon as the main character. You can watch the series in English here. Soon, the series will also be available in Spanish on YouTube. These cartoons are intended as a helpful tool for young children to learn a second language.

The University of Extremadura (Spain) has developed eleven board games linked to the adventures of BABO the Dragon and based on the concept of Multiple Intelligences. Drawing from insights provided by Muiris ÓLaoire and Kristin Brogan from Munster Technological University, they took into account various criteria while designing these educational games.

The theory of Multiple Intelligences is increasingly recognized as a valuable approach to addressing the diverse needs of children. Therefore, these games offer a variety of activities to nurture all types of intelligences, not just linguistic skills. Additionally, the University of Extremadura incorporated elements of free play into the materials, allowing children with different interests to actively engage with the activities.

multiple intelligencies in early years settings

In December 2023, Mother Tongues started the testing phase of the educational activities designed by SmartMaking and focused, once again, on the concept of multiple intelligences for second language acquisition. Suzanne McCarthy, our Education Project Officer, has been training educators and teachers of more than twenty Irish early years settings and primary schools who are enthusiastically taking part in this project. We can’t wait to analyse their feedback and share the data with you in the Summer.

Would you like to meet BABO in person?

We are delighted to host our partner Juan Ruiz Subirán, Director of Baby Erasmus, at the Mother Tongues Festival, on Friday 16th February, in Tallaght County Library. During our opening event Creativity and Multilingualism, Juan will talk about BABO and show some of the educational games mentioned in this article. The event – with ISL interpreting – will also feature the workshop, ‘Living Languages,’ led by Miriam Stewart, a playful celebration of multilingualism through embodied practice, drama and movement.
Finally, we will have a panel discussion organised in collaboration with Trinity College’s School of Education, featuring insights from academics Jean-Rémi Lapaire, Claire Dunne and Iseult Ní Chonchúir, focusing on multilingualism and creativity.
If you want to learn more and book your free spot, click here.

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