BABO Insights: Learning Teacher Training Activity

BABO Insights: Learning Teacher Training Activity

Last October our team took part in the Learning Teacher Training Activity for the Erasmus Project “BABO: Bilingual And Bicultural Outlook.” The project’s mission is to empower multilingual education for early childhood in Europe and during this meeting, we had an in-depth look at each project’s results and their implementation in the settings.

Collaborating for Innovative Education

Coordinated by the University of Extremadura, Spain, the BABO project has brought together experts in multiple intelligences, multilingual education, ECEC, gamification, educational game design, audiovisual animation, and app development.

The BABO project’s comprehensive approach brings together theory and practice, innovative methodologies and engaging content, all focused on empowering young learners to become bilingual with confidence and enthusiasm.

BABO, Badajoz, October 2023

Destination Caceres and Almendralejos

The first stage of this trip brought us to visit the University of Extremadura’s HQ in Caceres. Here, their team showed us the open-source software used to develop the gamification of BABO, eXeLearning. All partners tried and tested both the front and back ends of the software, which resulted in being a very useful resource for creating educational games and tests for various types of audiences.

In the afternoon, Caceres’ City Council was so kind to invite us to visit the UNESCO city centre of the beautiful, ancient town with a very knowledgeable tour guide.

BABO, Badajoz, October 2023
BABO, Badajoz, October 2023

On the second day, the partnership visited the award-winning Glow Animation Studio in Almendralejos. Glow is the creator of the 10 beautiful cartoon episodes of BABO the Dragon and during our visit, they showed all of them to the partners. The cartoons will certainly be one of the most exciting project results for our little learners! We were also lucky enough to enjoy a tour of the studio and speak with the fantastic illustrators and artists who work at Glow. They gave us insights into the behind-the-scenes of the work they did for BABO and in general for the other many projects they are involved in.

Following that, Tecnologias Imaginadas briefly talked about the app they are developing to give an online platform for online and offline games designed by the University of Extremadura.

Activities in Badajoz

Back in Badajoz, all the educational partners discussed the next steps to finalise the PR1 coordinated by the SmartMaking team, in collaboration with the Munster Technological University. Project Result 1 consists of a comprehensive guide to help educators identify, work with and utilize multiple intelligences effectively when teaching a second language to young children and an Activity Booklet, featuring 120 activities that cater to various multiple intelligences and designed for children aged 2-3 and 3-6. Before the end of the year, all the educational partners will train the educators and teachers on the theoretical guide and on how to use the booklet and all the other resources, including the cartoons, the games and the app.

In Badajoz, we had the fantastic opportunity to visit once again Baby Erasmus, a preschool where children born and raised in Spain receive early childhood education through English. With mainly native-speaking educators. This was a very valuable experience and is fascinating to witness a concrete and effective example of second language learning in the early years.

BABO, Badajoz, October 2023

Looking Ahead

As always, is fascinating to see how such a diverse group of professionals based in different European countries can work effectively towards the same goal.

We really look forward to testing the resources in the settings and schools that decided to take part in the project.

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