Be Part of the BABO Project

Be Part of the BABO Project

Enhancing Language Learning for Preschoolers

Mother tongues is currently looking for preschool educators working with children learning English as an additional language to be involved in testing for a European project we are working on.

About BABO

The BABO Project is an initiative that focuses on promoting language learning among preschool and early primary school-aged children. It seeks to elevate the quality of education through innovative learning experiences. As preschool educators and parents, your involvement in this project can have a profound impact on the way children learn languages.

BABO puppets and BABO book

What to expect

Participating in the BABO Project means engaging in a variety of enriching activities, including:

  • One Short Live (Online) Teacher Training Session
  • Pedagogical Guide for Educators
  • Testing Educational Games, Cartoons and an interactive App

Project timeline

Your participation will span from November 2023 to May 2024, although it’s important to note that the testing phase will not require your constant involvement throughout this entire period.

If you think that the preschool you work in or the one your child goes to may be interested in the project and you want to know more, please get in touch:

By joining the BABO Project, you will play a vital role in the development of innovative resources for both educators and parents. Your insights and expertise will help young learners acquire a second language more effectively. For educators, this project can also enhance your teaching methods and expand your toolkit for language education.

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