A Sneak Peak into Mother Tongues Festival 2023

A Sneak Peak into Mother Tongues Festival 2023

You are the artist!

Mother Tongues Festival 2023 is around the corner and we cannot wait to share the full programme with everyone, so stay tuned! Leading up to the festival, we are excited to spread the word that our Language Explorers workshop series is happening every Saturday starting January 14th with You are the Artist!

In this post, we will share:

An inside look at Language Explorers

Whether it’s playing with colour in an arts-and-craft project or dancing to musical rhythms, creative expression encourages children to not only explore art, but themselves and their identity, and by adding a multilingual creative experience, Language Explorers inspires children and their families to develop the confidence to speak their mother tongue. 

So, what is Language Explorers?
It is our award-winning programme that offers creative experiences for artists and communities to come together to connect across languages and cultures. 


The programme focuses on children between the ages of 3 to 6, providing free child-centred and interactive multilingual family activities. Language Explorers has shown to improve parents’ and children’s confidence in using their mother tongue and enhance children’s language and communication skills.


Every child is welcome regardless of their language background. Whether they are bilingual, multilingual or just speak English, we welcome everyone with open arms.

Langage Explorers Outcomes

Raising a bilingual family is hard. We know the roadblocks and struggles families experience, not only from what our community shares but from our own personal experiences. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

We have witnessed the impact Language Explores has made on the community. Between interacting with other children, parent engagement, and creative workshops, we have seen many outcomes such as:


  • Creating confidence in parents and children to speak their mother tongue
  • Developing a positive impact on families’ emotional well-being and children’s relationship with their parents
  • Children feeling valued and respected in their linguistic and cultural identity
  • Families socialising and forming bonds with other local families, and feeling less isolated
  • Children embracing all languages and cultures 
language Explorers

You are the Artist!

We are delighted to welcome you and your family to be part of something special. You are the Artist! is not just an art workshop, it is a joyful space designed for you and your children to create magic moments together. 

For parents and guardians, this is a place to reconnect with your inner children while the little ones find their own identity by exploring creativity.

Children and parents are invited to be part of a storytelling experience conducted by the artist by adding their family language to the story. After, it’s time to get creative with an art project to continue the fun at home and continue playing together. 


You are the Artist! is happening every Saturday starting January 14th at Tallaght Library. 


The series can be enjoyed as many times as you and your little explorer wish, but attending each workshop brings a special interconnected experience leading up to the Festival workshop, on February 18th.

Be aware that while this workshop is free, registration is required. Book your spot!

Meet Artist Fernanda Ferrari

Fernanda Ferrari photographed by Elena Cristofanon

Fernanda Ferrari is a visual storyteller, performer, puppeteer and facilitator passionate about creating works that awaken the inner child within people. Her practice is focused on multicultural young audiences, exploring creativity as a tool of personal and social transformation.

Originally from Brazil, she adds the colours of a magic sunny day to her work. In Ireland, her research about creating meaningful work for young people has been supported through bursaries, commissions and grants by the Arts Council Ireland, South Dublin County Council, Department of Tourism, Culture. Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media and The Civic Theatre. Fernanda is also a proud Language Explorers facilitator for Mother Tongues, where she works closely with families and their early year’s children.

We will reveal our complete 2023 programme on January 20th. If you want to be the first to know all the details, sign up for our Festival Newsletter!


These workshops are funded by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, South Dublin County Council, Languages Connect and The Civic.

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