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Build on your summer progress!

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As a parent raising bilingual children, I know what the pressure of being the only heritage language speaker in the home feels like. If you have more than one child, that precious one to one time can be even harder to carve. That’s why sending my children to heritage language classes has been one of the best decisions I made for my family.

Why Alba and Saoirse are counting down the days to meet their Spanish friends again

My daughters love attending heritage language classes, which are very dynamic and creative, with a learning by doing approach. It is an opportunity for them to create friendships, play and interact in the heritage language with children their age. It’s great to see their vocabulary expand and them being excited about joining the classes every week, looking forward to seeing their friends and sharing news with the teacher. 

At present they are online but that hasn’t taken away from my daughters’ enthusiasm so far, even if they are still very young. I found it surprising that Maia, the Spanish teacher, was able to create a very human experience online, and made us feel that we were almost there with her, learning and having fun. One of the best memories from the last term was when the girls were making their own playdough. It was so easy and fun (and less messy than I originally thought!). The girls absolutely loved it and it kept them entertained for ages even after the class finished.  

I really feel that now we are part of a community and I am confident that with the other families and with our amazing teacher we will take our children together through a wonderful journey of discovery of the Spanish language and culture. 


Soraya Sobrevía 

Parent raising bilingual children and language advocate

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