We’re Launching the Mother Tongues Festival Programme!

We’re Launching The 2021 Festival Programme!

Today, in celebration of Ireland’s rich artistic and cultural tapestry, we are excited to share with you the programme for Mother Tongues Festival 2021!

This year, we will approach the festivities in a new virtual way with a dynamic programme featuring over 40 artists and a series of events available in 20 different languages. Participation is always at the heart of Mother Tongues with exciting elements like the Walk A While Arts Project and fantastic workshops for primary schools.

Some highlights of the 2021 festival to watch out for include:


No es magia, es ciencia!
Creative workshop in Spanish for children aged 6 to 10 run by our Spanish classes teacher Maia Deluca!

brazilian portuguese


Our Family Movie
Stop Motion Workshop for families with children 8+ with Fernanda Ferrari


The Universal Language
Children’s workshop about language, meaning and the use of words (age: 8-12)


Rannta le Chéile-Sharing Songs & Rhymes
An opportunity for parents with young children to gather to chat, learn nursery rhymes and songs through Irish. Everyone will be encouraged to share their favourite rhymes and songs from their own culture with others.


The Sensorial Silhouette
Explore the identity of emotion and sensations through art (for children aged 8 to 12)


Exploring Russian Culture
Family Creative Art Workshop (Russian + English. For children 7+)


Aventures Bilingues dans le Comic-Strip
Bilingual comic strip workshop (French+English; for children 6+)

Join us in celebration of World Art Day by building greater awareness of the diversity of creative expressions arts affords us and by highlighting the artists’ contribution to Ireland’s rich artistic history. 

The Mother Tongues Festival will continue to support environments where artists and artistic freedom are promoted and protected, because we believe that artistic culture can pave the way for equality and inclusion in creative expression.


Explore our Festival Programme to find out more!

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