Our Trip around the world

Our Trip around the world

In January 2021 300 children from Irish primary schools travelled the world with Mother Tongues and with true locals…virtually of course!

We started our trip 10,053 kilometres away from Ireland. Evan Furlong accompanied us to temples in Taiwan where we learned about deities and learned about local traditions. We even got to make our own masks!

We then picked another continent on the map, and flew straight to the Amazon Forest, where Bianca Monteiro told us a beautiful story and showed us some of the incredible wild animals that inhabit the forest!

A few hours later we were catapulted back in Europe, where we visited Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg and learned that putting on a ballet show is no easy task! After a fun tour, Nadia Bocharskaia taught us to draw ballerinas and we all joined in!

We had another friend waiting for us in Hungary, and joined Kata Varnyu and her friend Péter for a tour around lake Balaton.

The sight of water made us really want to take a dip in the sea, so called on Muhammad Achour and asked if he would take us to the warm Mediterranean. Muhammad took us to visit his native Syria, where the sun shines, the seaside is pretty and people speak Arabic! We even got to learn about some traditional children’s games, and found out that they are the same as the games children play in Ireland! Our trip is over for now, we hope you enjoyed this adventure with us!

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Thank you for a fun and educational activity! My daughter was mesmerised and didn't want it to end!
The camp let us travel and dream of future trips, it made us hopeful!
My son was so happy to meet a teacher who is from the same country as us!

Some of the beautiful pieces created by the children!

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