Hours of fun… learning about languages!

Hours of fun... learning about languages

Did you know? 🔎 ⠀

📘 More than 6,000 languages are spoken around the world!
📗 The most widely spoken language is Chinese!⠀
📙 The Cambodian language has the longest alphabet with more than 73 characters!
📘 Half of the world’s population is bilingual!

Learning about languages is an adventure.
And sometimes the biggest adventures can happen right from the comfiest spots in our homes!

With the Language Explorers Activity book, you can take a journey with your child and discover and learn about the wonderful world of languages!

language explorers
Whether you’re part of a bilingual or multilingual family, living away from home, or want to give your child a head start on learning a new language, the Language Explorer’s Activity book is a great tool to add to your family’s bookshelves. 
Reading can help support language development, be a fun way to spend time together, and provide a lifelong love of learning and languages for your child.
Throughout the Language Explorer’s Activity Book, your child will interact with over 30 languages and will be taken through hours of fun activities where they will be encouraged to explore their own surroundings and embrace a multilingual challenge.
Packed with interactive games, puzzles & fun facts – your child will learn about the Irish Sign Language through fingerspelling, how to say “Hello” in Yoruba and Romanian and will even get to explore the Chester Beatty Library which contains thousands of treasures in many different languages!
language explorers
All activities throughout the Language Explorer’s Activity book have been designed by Mother Tongues founder, Dr Francesca La Morgia, a linguist with many years of experience in bilingualism research and Jenny Siung, Head of Education at the Chester Beatty Library.
The Language Explorer’s Activity book is best suited for children aged between 4 and 10 years old. It can be ordered below and is available for delivery anywhere in Europe! 

Let’s go!/  Vamonos! /  Los geht’s! / Andiamo! /  Chodźmy! /  Vamos lá / On y va!

… Adventure awaits!

A few sample pages of the activity book:
Language Explorers - Sample page
language explorers
Language Explorers - Sample page
Hours of fun... learning about languages
Italian mother of 3

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