Without the ability to read, a child’s world is very limited

Without the ability to read, a child’s world is very limited

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Without the ability to read, a child’s world is very limited. It is the necessary to engage in almost every activity.
However, it doesn’t stop there. For children who grow up in a bi-lingual or multi-lingual household, it can often be the case that the child is verbally proficient in one language, but the reading and writing capacity of that child in the language of their parent is poor.
This is a phenomenon that has been seen for countless generations who have emigrated from Ireland to the U.S. and beyond and is now seen in young children who have immigrated to these shores or who are born here to parents whose mother tongue is not English. In this case, the child is completely proficient in speaking the language of the parent but will not be proficient in the reading and writing skills of that language. Saturday morning language schools have popped up all over the country to help young children read and write Polish, Russian, French, German and so on, so that they are not at a disadvantage to other children their age.  

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Image: a young reader in Spain enjoying our book, La Visita del Monstruo Covid, the Spanish translation of Covid Monster’s Visit.

It is imperative that we as a nation, and Tribes Press as a book publisher, offers support to children by providing books in multiple languages to help parents and teachers infuse in their children the desire to read and write in their parent(s) mother tongue. This would open young children to a world of possibilities as they grow older and give them advantage when they travel and explore new places. 

In addition to this, books provide children with words to express their feelings and what is happening around them. Our recent publication, Covid Monster’s Visit, was written by psychologist and author Marguerite Tonery. This book is a European collaboration and is available in six languages to help children cope through the difficulties presented by the Covid19 pandemic. It’s a book that tells children it’s not their fault and it is not because of them that they are not allowed to see their grandparents, play with their friends and do all the fun things they love. Through words we bring support, and when a child feels supported and nourished by stories, they feel calm.

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