My experience teaching Spanish online

My experience teaching Spanish online

Maia Deluca teaches Spanish classes for Mother Tongues.
She is from Argentina and a Kindergarten teacher, a profession that has been filling her heart for more than 10 years.
Maia has a degree in Psychopedagogy from UCA University and focused her work on children with learning difficulties.
Ever since she moved to Ireland, Maia has been working as a teacher in crèches, finding it really interesting to discover different cultures.
These are her thoughts abot the Summer term.

On June I started my journey in Mother Tongues teaching Spanish classes for children. It was a real challenge to move online the face to face classes that we were all used to. However, I found it very beneficial because, at least, we could still have fun learning Spanish and from the comfort of our home!
What was most valuable about the online classes is that not only the children, but also their parents played an important part during the lessons! Having the support of the parents in the classes turned everything much simpler. During the lessons, I was really happy to see the pupils sharing the activities and games with their families. So, be ready for the next course, because in the Spanish classes we are all going to take part and have fun! 
My first Spanish term with Mother Tongues was for children of 7 and 8 years old. Even though each child has their own level of Spanish, it was awesome to learn from each other. The classes were a space to practice the language with people outside of their family circle. This, not only pushes pupils to find a way to communicate, but also helps them to gain confidence in their learning process. 
During the classes we played with letters and sounds, we recognized all the letters of the alphabet, the difference between vowels and consonants, a variety of syllables to form words and thus acquire much more vocabulary, always through games. Furthermore, we listened to stories, talked about them, and learned important cultural aspects of Spanish-speaking countries. 
You can now enrol in the next term, which is open to children from 3 to 11 years old. Get ready to learn Spanish through dancing, singing, writing, reading, cooking, doing experiments and crafts and much more! 

See you soon!

Maestra Maia 

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