Quarantined Stories

Quarantined Stories

LOGBOOK by Simona Roveda, with Asia&Isabella

Simona Roveda is an Italian artist (performer, director and facilitator).
In Italy she collaborated with the company “Teatro d’Arte” and with the “Centro Sperimentale Danza Teatro” in Treviso. After graduating in the performing arts (DAMS Teatro) at the University of Bologna (Italy), she moved to Dublin, dedicating herself to children’s theater.
She has collaborated with the Italian Cultural Institute, creating theater shows for children and with the Draiocht Theatre in Dublin in projects for communities (Hallelujah Clown Choir, Home Theater, My Place My Story). Simona studied the art of the Clown with director Veronica Coburn and actress Ruth Lehane in Dublin. Her research into the Clown continues with the Teatro C’Art in Florence (Italy) with the director André Casaca. Simona was co-founder of “Littlebellybuttons” Puppets Company.

During the quarantine time, I decided to keep alive the theatre group of children in Italian language.

We were a very small group but very enthusiastic to see each other, so I decided to go ahead and I made 6 Zoom meetings of 30min each. The aim was to meet in the digital way and see if I could stimulate their creativity and keep the sense of the group…It was a big challenge!

We met inside the rooms of our house and we shared the things we love more: “Francisco the cat and his miraculous jump from the 3rd floor, and the giant dog Delta who walks without a finger.” They became the protagonists of our stories!

I used some theatre games for stimulating their attention…we looked at each other in the eye of our camera and heard with ears tense, we took the other’s movements and we passed them each other. To build the story we used some objects we had at home…We found some memories inside a jewellery box and it came out the granny’s red pearl necklace, a crucifix and a snake in the chicken coop who struggles to eat the eggs.

From all of these the little story of “Francisco the cat” came out…and you can read it below in Italian!

Simona Roveda

il gatto frncisco

“Il gatto Francisco”: Il gatto Francisco alla finestra guardava giu’, quando decise di saltare per prendersi una boccata d’aria. Sembrava volasse ma cadde in un cespuglio e continuo’ ad andare sempre piu’ giu’ fino a ritrovarsi da un’altra parte…era arrivato a casa di nonna Brigid! Nonna Brigid ha una scatola porta gioie dove tiene le sue collane…quella con un crocifisso d’oro e quella con le perle rosse, che é speciale…quando la usa la tiene tra le mani, si siede, chiude gli occhi e perla dopo perla la gira tutta finch’é finisce la preghiera. Francisco pero’ va nel pollaio, ma invece delle galline trova un serpente che vuole mangiarsi le loro uova! Francisco vuole salvare le uova e cosi’ si batte con il serpente…é una lotta con le unghie, la coda e la lingua…e alla fine vince Francisco che leccandosi le zampine si addormenta sopra il fienile.”

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