The silver lining of pandemic in 2020

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Read this blog by school director Evan Furlong to find out more about how her school transformed during the pandemic.

Looking back to the last two and a half unprecedented months, if your jobs are not affected or living alone, to most people, it’s a blessing in disguise.  We spent more time with family whether it’s a good or bad thing (ie it’s a bad thing with my teenager but a good thing for me), we have a greener earth and we all learned a thing or two with taking up tasks virtually or differently.  Personally I feel great to get out and walk everywhere within the restriction limit with the family.  We actually talk to family and friends more than ever in this technology age.

mother tongues

Likewise in running the Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese, our classes carried on with thanks to technology so that learning can take place at home.  Many families spend their Saturdays on heritage language education and some of them would spend an equal amount of time in commuting to and from the limited services across the country.  It’s much easier for families like these to access such services remotely which we will be launching for September 2020.  Watch this space.  As part of the learning of our culture, we challenge our students to take part in paper cutting, traditional arts, brush painting, culinary skills, trying out food, and learn about our traditional festivals etc. 
This remains a huge challenge to deliver online.

Thanks to many organisations such as Mother Tongues, the Overseas Community and Council Affair and Hua Hsia Chinese school in the UK, we’ve learnt & shared new tricks on teaching online.

We regret to inform you that the #TOCFL and #CCCC tests will be postponed until September due to the outbreaks of #Covid19.  The good news is that you’ll have time to prepare! Check out our website for more information.

Evan Furlong

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