The ultimate list to keep up Italian at home!

The ultimate list to keep up Italian at home!

Schools are closed, families are far apart, but language can keep us together and get our brains active!
Here are some links to help families keep up the Italian language and learn something new!

Scienza Express offers interesting science articles and the content is very accessible.

Esercizi di Meraviglia is a printable book to get children inspired! 

Io resto a casa contains many Ideas to engage children at home.

The lovely comic book Blanca magazine, a great read for the family!

Lezioni sul sofá is a collection of lessons and readings for children of all ages, put together by Italian writers.

Fabulinis is a website with lots of stories, rhymes and tongue twisters in Italian.

Games, activities, stories and much more on  Portale bambini.

Audible Stories  offers some free audio books in Italian during the school closure.

LibriVox has a range of audio books for children and adults in several languages.

For preschoolers, this channel has some simple songs associated with movements:

Storie da leggere offers downloadable books and activities.Actors from Teatro del Cerchio read a story a day.Teatro Verde has a very exciting YouTube Channel with daily theatre shows. More theatre from Piccolo Teatro.

Free Comic books are published by the National Centre for Research (CNR) and more can be found here.Head to bARTolomeo for games focused on the art history of Italy.Imagined as a goodnight date, Il Carosello dei bambini is a podcast of fairy tales, stories, riddles and other content that will be developed during the episodes.

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The bilingual child

Live Webinar with Dr Francesca La Morgia - Part 2

How children become bilingual in the first years of life

Typical language development in bilingual children between the ages of 3 and 6

Activities that boost language skills in early childhood

How Mother Tongues supports bilingual/multilingual families

The webinar is free for Mother Tongues Members. 

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