Discover world cultures from your home!

Discover world cultures from your home!

I am the mother of three young children, and spend a lot of time doing things with them and for them. The one thing I still do for myself…yes, just for myself…is a visit to a museum or a gallery. Right now museums around the world are opening their virtual doors for online tours, and you can see incredible artwork from the Louvre in Paris, the Guggenheim in Venice, or the MET in New York and the Vatican museum in Rome from the comfort of your home.

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The experience of visiting a real museum is priceless, but we can use this time in isolation to read about collections and learn something new about art and culture, at no cost.

The Chester Beatty’s collections can be your first stop. You can start with a self guided tour here. The collection is so diverse and includes unique objects from Japan, China, Thailand, Egypt, Italy, and more! You can also download activities focusing on a range of areas, from art history to world faiths to geography, history, languages, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths).

Themes range from artistic traditions found in the Islamic, East Asian and European collections; an introduction to world faiths and cultures through objects; science; language support through objects; preparation for the Art History Leaving Certificate as well as a drawing pack.


Dr Francesca La Morgia
Founder of Mother Tongues

COMING SOON – 02/04/2020

The bilingual child

Live Webinar with Dr Francesca La Morgia - Part 1

How children become bilingual

What to expect in the first three years of life

Activities that boost language skills in early childhood

How Mother Tongues supports bilingual/multilingual families

The webinar is free for Mother Tongues Members. 

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