Calling all language explorers!

Calling all language explorers!

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Attention adults! Here is a competition to keep your language explorers occupied for a while and the prize is really cool!
The idea is simple: fill out the language passport.
You can print out our passport or make up your own.
We have it available in English and Irish, so children can work on both! 
If you have a printer, you can download and print this file, if not you can easily make up your own passport.
Make one passport for every family member or friend you might like to take with you on your next trip! 
Now it’s time to pick a destination! Choose the place you would like to visit and write 5 facts about it – in English, in Irish or any other language!
Send at least one passport to by the end of this week. The first 10 children who will enter this competition will receive a free Language Explorers book!

COMING SOON – 02/04/2020

The bilingual child

Live Webinar with Dr Francesca La Morgia - Part 1

How children become bilingual

What to expect in the first three years of life

Activities that boost language skills in early childhood

How Mother Tongues supports bilingual/multilingual families

The webinar is free for Mother Tongues Members. 

dr francesca la morgia

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