A siesta at home with an audio book!

A siesta at home with an audio book!

From Irish to Urdu, all the books you can enjoy for free from your home

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The days off school seem to be getting longer and longer and stricter measures are now leaving more and more children confined to the home. Some people thrive with carefully planned routines, some enjoy the flexibility of a less organised life… but we all love a bit of a quiet time!

In my house there are three children, all with their own hobbies and with their own ideas on what to do every day! We tried plan-free days, super planned days, and the one ingredient that always worked every day, no matter what, was the siesta, or “riposino” as we say in Italian. We put on an audio book and everyone lies down and rests. After an hour or so, we are all happy to see each other again! 🙂

Here are some of the links to audio books available in different languages (some of these are bilingual!)!

mother tongues

Audible Stories are currently offering free audio books in English, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish and French.  
Some Irish language audio stories are also available on the Raidió na Life SoundCloud at this link. There are also links to stories read by Conor Hackett and more on Cois Life’s SoundCloud here.

LibriVox has hundreds of books in different languages, read by volunteers. If you click on search here you can choose the language and the genre. There is also a multilingual fairy tale collection in 6 different languages, that you can access here.

Unite for Literacy provides free access to more than 400 original picture books, one fourth of them written in Spanish. The digital books provide audio narrations in more than 40 languages, spoken by native speakers in warm, expressive voices. The languages of narration include indigenous and endangered languages along with languages most widely spoken in the US. Our publishing services include the ability for our partners to curate and embed a selection of books on their websites.

Global Storybooks  is a free multilingual literacy resource for children and youth worldwide. Read, download, toggle, and listen to a wide variety of illustrated stories. 
Scribd offer a free subscription to their huge collection for one month. There are thousands of books for children and adults to read and listen to!


Listening to audio books is not only relaxing, it is a way to hear more of a language, which we all know is a great exercise!


Dr Francesca La Morgia
Founder, Mother Tongues

COMING SOON – 02/04/2020

The bilingual child

Live Webinar with Dr Francesca La Morgia - Part 1

How children become bilingual

What to expect in the first three years of life

Activities that boost language skills in early childhood

How Mother Tongues supports bilingual/multilingual families

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