Time to play with pasta!

Time to play with pasta!

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Are you desperately searching the web for creative ideas to pass the time with your child? The internet is full of images and suggestions on how to make crafts with pasta, but here is a challenge for you! 

Get creative with your child, make something using pasta and send us a picture using the #mothertongueschallenge on 23rd and 24th March! Winners will be announced on 24th March! The winner will get a one year Mother Tongues membership and the fantastic Language Explorers Activity Book!

So, let’s get started!

For the smaller hands…

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Pasta shapes, rice and beans are perfect for small hands. Games involving handling and sorting small objects are great for little fingers as they enhance hand-eye coordination and motricity.

You can paint the pasta together using food colouring or paint. You can pass lots of time with a young child sorting pasta by shape or by colour, using small glasses or drawing squares on a piece of paper and putting a set number of shapes in each square. 

Pasta is great for making colourful jewelry! You can make a necklace by alternative shapes or colours, and use this opportunity to create patterns and count together. There are plenty of really beautiful ideas out there, and I particularly loved the Macaroni Cats

Check out the Artful Parent which is a fantastic resource with lots of ideas on how to get creative with pasta! 
I also remember that as a child I used to make pasta landscapes, using just pasta, glue and a piece of paper. It’s easy and you don’t need to be a super artist to achieve a good result!

Finally, you can use pasta to count and also to write letters, as you see in the video above.

You can break dry spaghetti (uncooked) to create some capital letters, if you want to write in cursive you are going to have to cook them! 🙂

Join the challenge, get creative and send us your creation with a message in your mother tongue!

Dr Francesca La Morgia
Founder, Mother Tongues

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