Courses for children with Spanish background

Instituto Cervantes is the largest international Spanish teaching organization in the world, established by the Spanish government to teach the Spanish language around the globe and to promote the Spanish and Latin American culture.

Courses for children with Spanish background

In September, weekly children and teenager courses will commence and will take place on Saturday mornings and afternoons in the Instituto Cervantes in Dublin, in Lincoln Place, just between Trinity College and the National Gallery.  Enrolment is now open.

Instituto Cervantes offers courses full of fun for children and teenagers with Spanish background, from pre-school to secondary school.  Participants will enjoy while improving their spoken and written Spanish in a friendly atmosphere where everyone can gain a new experience different from their daily activities.

These courses are designed to meet the creative learning needs of kids. Games, songs, multimedia, arts & crafts, science workshops, visits to the library, projects… will encourage children and teenagers to improve their oral and written communication skills. In these courses, the kids not only learn about the language but also about Spain and Latin America.
The teachers hold advanced degrees and are experienced professionals in child education.

To know more about our courses and timetables, as well as other activities organized by Instituto Cervantes in Dublin, please visit: