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Raising bilingual children can be both a happy and a frustrating experience. Parents who move to a new country and want to transmit their mother tongue to their children often face challenges and may be puzzled by the many different strategies that are recommended by friends and family.
We know that parents are very happy when they see that their children develop both English and the heritage language in a harmonious way. Very often parents ask about the magic formula to create the “perfect” bilingual environment for a child to develop two (or more) languages. You will find many tips out there, and many good ideas and suggestions that you can try at home.
However, as many of you know, every family has a unique language history and patterns in the use of the different languages spoken in the home and outside. This is why many parents want to talk to an expert, to describe their own experience, their strategies and the challenges they are facing. Sometimes parents want to ask questions about their child’s linguistic development, about the procedures to be referred to speech and language therapy, or they simply want to be reassured that they are doing the right thing.

Claudia Kunkel, Mother Tongues, Mother Tongues Dublin, mother tongues, multilingualism, rising bilingual children Dublin, bilingualism, DublinMother Tongues offers a free one to one chat to all members. We can meet you in person or via Skype, or we can talk on the phone, and we discuss your situation, your questions about your child’s linguistic development and the strategies that would best suit your family. Together we discuss suitable options to encourage your child to speak your language.

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