Third Edition of the Mandarin Chinese Summer Camp

More and more language classes are emerging around Ireland. Some of them seek to promote the learning of a new language, and some support the learning and maintenance of heritage languages, which are the languages the child speaks in the home environment. Many families have the opportunity to travel to their home country and immerse the children in the language. This experience often results in a boost in heritage language skills and gives the child to really experience the language by interacting with peers and with the extended family.
For those who would like to experience a similar immersion experience, Summer immersion camps are the best opportunity to be exposed to the language in a fun way, without travelling too far from home. The Summer immersion camp organised by the Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese is now in its third edition and it promises to be a fun and rewarding learning experience.
“Many research studies have shown that there are significant benefits to learning a second language at an early age such as oral proficiency, intrinsic motivation, effortless engagement, positive attitudes, higher phonological and grammatical abilities. The most effective language acquisition and highest proficiency methods of teaching and learning any languages are through immersion in that target language as well as to embrace the cultural dimension” says Evan Furlong, founder of the Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese.
“Irish students have many advantages of thriving in the 21st century: speaking the world’s business language today, English as lingua franca the ease of learning a second language as being bilingual from an early age (Gaeilge and English) and the only English-speaking country in the EU after Brexit. It would be a shame if we do not seek the opportunity of learning the target language of future economic powerhouse, Mandarin Chinese.”
Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese is running its 7th Summer Mandarin Chinese Immersion Camp that offers many fun activities such as Chinese arts, crafts, cooking, songs and fun with Chinese characters. Please click HERE to read the programme details.
For more information about our school, visit or contact Evan Furlong at 0879911614.