Trinity College’s Innovation Academy for Mother Tongues

Over at Trinity College’s Innovation Academy, a group of budding innovators and entrepreneurs has been working on a project involving Mother Tongues as a fresh new start-up to explore ways Mother Tongues can be bigger, better and bring its bilingual support services to an even wider range of people.
While focusing on growth strategies for Mother Tongues we spent a lot of time looking at the way Mother Tongues operates and the people behind the business.
We discovered a team of incredibly passionate and dedicated language experts. We found that the needs of bilingual people and families in Ireland are often not recognised at so many levels and it was clear that Mother Tongues cares about finding ways to support bilingual individuals, families and communities.
From EU language policy to Irish national language perspectives, Mother Tongues has its finger on the pulse with regard to the types of supports bilingual communities in Ireland need and deserve. We presented Mother Tongues with a few possible pathways by which they can expand and increase their already excellent services and we are very excited to see if some of our innovative suggestions will be put in place.

Some of these suggestions involve new ways of connecting with bilingual families through face to face as well as online platforms. More than anything else, we concluded that Francesca and her team understand the real issues people face and if anyone is informed and positioned to make a big impact on people’s lives concerning all things bilingual, it is them!
The time is definitely now to be Mother Tongues and we wish all the Mother Tongues team our very best for the journey ahead.

Matt Walsh