A project to support bilingual & multilingual families in Ireland

On Saturday 18th November we presented our project “Bilingual and Multilingual families network meetings” at the annual conference of IRAAL – the Irish Association for Applied Linguistics – at the University of Limerick.

Since June 2017, we have started the Bilingual & Multilingual Families Network meetings to support families who are raising bilingual children. The meetings take place once a month in Dublin city centre.

Meetings are facilitated by a speech and language therapist with expertise in bilingualism. The setting is informal and families can tell their stories, and listen to others who are sharing the same journey. Parents come with many questions on strategies to use at home, on language development and generally on raising bilingual children.
The meetings are not only an opportunity to hear stories and ask questions, but also to forge friendships and get to know people from many different countries.

Each month a speaker visits the group. Among speakers, there are parents, teachers, linguists, representatives of language groups, charities and of different communities.

To book your place and find out more about the Families Meetings, click here.