Talk for Parents at Balbriggan Educate Together Primary School

In November, Claudia and Francesca visited Balbriggan Educate Together Primary School.
Mother Tongues, Mother Tongues Dublin, mother tongues, multilingualism, raising bilingual children Dublin, bilingualism, DublinThey were immediately welcomed by Cecelia, who showed them the beautiful quilt made by the Parents Association, which is a beautiful visual representation of the great diversity of pupils that populate the school.  Claudia and Francesca talks to parents and teachers about the ways bilingual children continue to develop language throughout the primary school years, and ways in which parents and teachers can support the development of the two (or more!) languages daily.
The talk was a great opportunity for parents and teachers to ask questions and discuss ways to bring the home languages into the school context.
If you are reading this blog post, and you would like to book a talk for your school, do not hesitate to contact Claudia.